Below you will discover my process in making ceramic jewellery and objects, which I learnt over the years with experience and which will change through discoveries.



It all starts with a sketch and many hours spent with my hands shaping clay that will become many wonderful objects or jewellery. Here I am smoothing the surface of a little vase I just built.



Above you can see that sometimes I use little tools to help me obtain an almost perfect shape (and this is more interesting than perfect) which I then finish off shaping by hand. These will become stud earrings after many more steps.



Once the clay objects have dried and been fired in a kiln, I decorate them with my designs using underglaze, on top of which I add a transparent glaze.

lustre 2.png

Applying lustre

After a second kiln firing, I often add beautiful details in gold lustre to my porcelain jewellery. A third kiln firing is the next step in order to set the gold lustre. 



Once the porcelain jewellery went through all the kiln firings, it is ready to assemble with findings in order to become earrings, brooches or necklaces. My ceramic objects, once out of the kiln, do not need anything else apart from being stored safely!